Herbal products

De Herbore offers herbal preparations and therapy, from the most well-known brands in the industry.

The herbalist shop offers not only food, including soya, tofu, gluten-free foods, unleavened foods and macrobiotic food, but also has a large range of beauty products (massage oils, essential oils, perfumes, toiletries, bath salts and natural shampoo) and many other items, including Bach flowers, Seitan, cosmetics, organic supplements, medicinal herbs, beauty creams, infusions, herbal teas and tea.

Brands we stock

The following is a list of the main brands we stock:

Aboca Carone Farmaderbe Ki Naturando
Alce Nero Cento Fiori Finestra sul cielo Kneipp Nesti
Amande Clipper Fiori Australiani L'Aromoteca Planta Medica
Amedei Cosval Flora L'Erbolario Planter's
Argital Dacor Food for all Leone PuroBio
Balestra & Mech Derbe Goralin Locherber Salus
Baule Volante Dileo Guam Long Life Solgar
Biokap Dr. Hauschka Helan Maroma Specchiasol
Biosline Ecor Idea Toscana Minardi Tages
Bottega di Lungavita Erbamea Italchile Natracare Weleda
Capsor Esi     Yogi tea
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